Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shiro’s Sunday Brunch

While the city offers several classical brunches that either marry an array of brekkie options with European fare to follow, Shiro’s at Rs 1500 per head before tax, is unique in the sense that it offers a strictly Pan-Asian experience featuring Japanese, Korean, Thai and a touch of Chinese food formatted into a brunch menu to suit even the most picky palate.

If its Chinese food you are after choose from traditional light and airy dumplings that come in the chicken sui mai or the asparagus, both of which are excellent, a treat that you will be hard presses to find elsewhere in the city.

For Thai food enthusiasts there is a lot to choose from – the basil tenderloin is deliciously moist and succulent and they also serve up an aromatic lemongrass soup although, I am sure the soup changes Sunday to Sunday. Where their Japanese fare is concerned, the brunch menu provides an apt initiation platform offering safe, if not somewhat dull choices of sushi rolls – most of them are filled with veggies and chicken with sashimi restricted to tuna and red snapper.

Green Apple-tini and Kiwi-tini

I am far from a stranger when it comes to Shiro’s after-hours watering hole menu. Yes, the resto-lounge was my place of respite – almost a regular weekend haunt over what was my two month summer vacation.

Smashing Tropez

Nonetheless, a good part of my afternoon was spent conducting in depth research, trying out their alcoholic beverages on offer, sampling everything from their delicious grey goose martinis from lemon drops to chocolate-mint espresso’s (trust me both tasted as divine as described), to their variety of seductive rum based cocktails such as their mango and mint mojito and caprioska that leave you impressed, yearning for another.

Tempura Veggies

Tofu and Tamarind Cups

With about four cocktails and the array of appetisers under my belt I was already more than happy to grab my cheque and head for the door, but with mains and dessert included for the same price, the curious part of me decided to plod along and see what was lurking beyond.

So, sharing all the way with my brunch buddies (mum and sister) we sampled their Japanese udon noodles, distinguished by its thick round circumference is usually made of buckwheat. The kind we were served were slightly lighter and tossed with stir-fried veggies. We also tried a their fish laksa that instead of characteristically served in a fragrant soupy-broth was accompanied by a more substantial thick gravy but extremely tasty anyhow.

For dessert we split the mudcake that was superb and tiramisu that was also very good.

2nd Floor,
UB City Mall,
Vittal Mallya Road,
Bangalore - 560001

Ph: 0091-80-41738864

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