Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sushi-Rolling Party

Amy & Cari my partners in crime - all ready for a night of raw fish and rolling - sushi time baby!

Time to treat ourselves to a good time having completed yet another component of our Gastronomy course! Cheers to us!

A quick trip to central market before we hit up Cari's apartment on Gouger Street to get supplies for our sushi party. I was amazed by the unique Buddah's Hand ~ a citric fruit and the size of this gigantic piece of ginger... look at it compared to the size of my tiny hand!

Sushi Rice, Rice Vinegar, Nori (Roasted Seaweed), Pickled Ginger, Soy Sauce, Wasabi and rolling mats... now we're talking SUSHI!!!!

Me posing like a Japanese housewife with my produce

Amy whips up a sweet egg roll ~ tamagoyaki to slice and use in the sushi!

Cari radars in on our hungry tummies and pan fries some dumplings!

Dumplings a la` Cari with sweet onion relish and Jap condiments.

Cari strips up the tuna fillet for the sushi real thin

Amy adds more and more egg mixture to the already rolled tamagoyaki to make the roll thicker.

My spaser face - Amy gives me the ridiculous task of rotating the wasabi mayonnaise mixture in a stainless steel bowl... and then criticises my rotating skills! Hmmmph!

Tamagoyakii Avacado slices, Sticky Japanese sushi rice, Soy Sauce and Pickled ginger slices.
Below: Cari lays out the first sheet of nori, spinkles it with water to helpd the rice stick evenly. Then she applies a fine, even coat of sticky rice on 1/3 of the nori sheet. The sliced up sushi grade tuna, salmon and shrimp are ready to go in.

Layers of salmon, avacado and carrot slices ontop of the sticky rice and nori.
Check out these beautifully sliced veggies - I did the carrots - nearly lost a finger!

Cari's batch of sushi gets sliced onto the plate

Amy the ultra talented is an expert Uramaki (or inside out sushi) roller. It is very similar to maki sushi but the rice is rolled outside instead of inside the nori.

Amy and Cari's Maki and Uramaki Sushi Rolls.

Sushi rolling had me in high spirits, so before biting in I was already super happy just living out the experience of making my own sushi

And well... the sushi was divine! Really fabulously fresh fish and the rice just perfectly seasoned - and well Aussie Avo's are always amazing!

Now it's my turn. I taste a little and work a little. Having sampled some, and watched Cari at work I follow careful instructions
My first attempt at tightly rolling in my triple fish creation - yes, triple fish, salmon, tuna and shrimp in there -the ultimate feast!
Slicing away my first sushi rolls - I did it! Wax on - wax off!

And that's how you do it ~ the perfect plate of sushi - voila!

Amy creates an Uramaki with avacado outside the nori.

After all the sushi rolling and eating - it was time for that super, sweet ending - dessert.

Cari cuts out the required filo pastry for what was original planned to be apple turnovers. This metamorphised into a puff pastry pie filled with caramelised pear and apple with a whole load more spices than I bargained for.

We each had our fair share of wine, going through two bottles of Sav Blanc Chilean wine, a bottle of Claire Valley Reisling, Skillogalee and a Steeple Jack Sparkling Shiraz - oh what a night!

Cari and Amy conspire to kill my tastebuds with an overdose of spices in the dessert

Amy sneaked in Cayanne Pepper and god knows what else and when I got a mouthful - whopa! All I have to say is it was one HOT dessert - I mean spicy, pungent hot not fire!

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