Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shaken not stirred!

Every city girl has her cocktail of choice. And being a big city girl myself, I absolutely adore peach daiquiris and kiwi mojitos. Unfortunately, as far as cocktails living it up in Adelaide go, the past eight months has drawn blanks when it comes to serving up a decent cocktail!
Still on the lookout, I was pointed in the direction of Fume Blue on Rundle Street noted to be the city's best cocktail bar and I have to agree with these bold claims. Best cocktails ever, NO - far from it, BUT, best in the city!
When the bartender served our cocktails and proceeded to put on a little flair show for us, I was doubly impressed, this kind of thing never happens in Adelaide, table service is a big thing in itself!
We ordered a Pacific Blue - a cool, limey cocktail with mint and orange to finish, Toblerone which mixed baileys, kaulhua, a dash of milk, chocolate powder -tasty and not overly heavy either, City lights which was flamed into the glass with vodka, milk, caramel and topped with dusted cinnamon.
Moskva - or as most people know it simply, The Vodka Bar on the Hindley Street is a hidden jewel. Quite a ways down, it is hidden on an alley. To get in you must pay a cover charge of $10.
A mix of electronic and funky house interlaced with popular r&b, the place is notably more of a lounge than a club with an upbeat vibe and pretty stylish crowd.
Pretty cocktails, some shaken up right in front of you...

And with a split level you can holler at your friends from ontop!

Once in choose from the three bars, including a Vitaliser Bar stocked with fresh fruit and energy drinks, the Ice & Shot Bar which features glasses made entirely from ice and lots of shooters as well as a Champagne bar and perfumery! Definetly on Adelaide's must see and do list...

Sipping on a cocktail from the Vitaliser Bar, a blueberry, chrysanthemum infusion with vanilla paste straight out of the pod, finsihed off with white tea, macademia syrup and three blueberries! Subtly sexy...

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