Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lunch at Linda's

I have learned recently that birthdays with Jackie's extended family are a big, big affair - mostly because there are so many people - kids, parents, uncles, aunts and close friends like moi, involved. This month there were three birthday celebrations crammed into one afternoon. This of course called for a mega cook-off. Chris stepped up to the plate and readied the Weber, making sure it was fired up, hot and raring to go.

Chris loads up the barbie with some juicy, tangy marinated chicken fillets

Time to take off the grilled lamb chops

Carne Asado - Mexican beef steaks ready to be slapped onto the grill

Good old Aussie favourites - minced beef cutlets and sausages

Hmmm.... meat! My eyes are glazing over...

Behind every spectacular meat dish is the best supporting actor, in this case the buttered tatters with parsley and sliced white bread

There's just no going wrong with a classic combination of peppery wild rocket, crunchy pear and creamy Parmesan shavings
Grilled sliced eggplants marinated lightly in Eastern spices

Asian inspired vermicelli glass noodle salad with sliced grilled chicken, bok -choy, cashew nuts and red peppers - treat to the taste buds

Linda's speciality: Roasted butternut squash pumpkins with ripe, plum tomatoes, kalamata olive, haricot -verts, chick-peas and sliced boccocini.

Chocolate cake for the birthday boy Gabriel! HOORAY!

Cake # 2: Lemon-Semolina Cake with Flaked Almonds, Happy Birthday Linda!

Last but not least: Jhonty's birthday treat would sure have made Homer Simpson green with envy!

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