Friday, February 27, 2009

The Oriental

This is a popular weekend watering hole that busies up as soon as office hours end. Make the perfect entrance cirqua 6.30 and casual-chic is the look that most people rock at this trendy resto-bar. The open-air courtyard with ample sunshine pouring in paired with the Indonesian inspired island cane furniture exudes a laid-back charm. Placing an order however is far from a relaxing jaunt with at least a good 15 minutes minimum to process the mandatory self-placed orders. The day I was there the Riesling I had wanted was out of stock and the wait-staff just took their own sweet time! Hiking up to the bar to fetch your own bottle is just all too much effort for me, after all what makes it any different from your corner bottle'o? I'm especially averse to this when the bill is running $ 40 upward per head!

Finally armed with a bottle of chardonnay I can rest my tushy, looking forward to a truly Asian adventure!
Oysters Naturale. The woven steamer basket is just for aesthetic value.. love it or hate it? Is rather misleading and a very feeble attempt at trying to add Asian inspiration... try harder!

My mate's salt and pepper squid, a classic Aussie favourite, notice the side of rocket, carrot, cherry tomatoes, lemon wedge, steamed rice and sweet-chilli sauce.

Pan-Seared Thai spiced Barramundi Fillets with pretty much the same sides as the other dish!
It's been a year since I've been living Down Under, and believe it or not, I still haven't tried Barramundi, which is ridiculous since it is a national obsession. This experience however was far from what I had in mind. Overall a very passe` evening and the service not worth mentioning. A classic example of the majority of Australia's run of the mill restaurants serving Modern Aussie grub... uh huh, not my cup of tea!

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