Friday, May 29, 2009

Crab and Squid a la Pesto Risone

This is a simple recipe that I created myself that showcases quality ingredients from the sea, illustrating how freshness and simplicity construct the essence of a tasty dish - you don't always need expensive ingredients and fancy technique. Squid rings and crab meat are infused with basil and lemon. So easy to make, it’s almost quicker to eat than it is to prepare.

When buying squid, a personal tip is to opt for the entire hooded squid, slice it at home yourself, rather than pre-cut rings that while easier, saving time at home often have membranes and spine remaining, the result of fish mongers in a rush! The result awful stringy, chewy bits that remain on the pre-cut squid rings. Cleaning and slicing your own squid rings is simple and eliminates this completely.

Ingredients: 200 g squid rings, 200 g steamed crab flesh, 500 g risone, 200 g pesto*, Olive oil for frying, salt and pepper for seasoning

* Pesto: 125 g (1 bunch) basil leaves, 1 handful flat leaf parsley, 100 g Parmesan, 85 g toasted pine nuts,1 garlic clove, 170 g olive oil, splash white wine, 2 cloves garlic minced, half a lemon/ 1 tsp lemon juice

Method: Bowl the risone in a pot of water with salt, allow approximately 12 minutes to cook completely. Meanwhile prepare the pesto. Then, add a splash of olive oil to a hot wok, throw in the minced garlic, allowing to turn golden before adding the squid that needs to cook through for 5 minutes. Just before taking it off the stove, add a splash of white wine.

For the pesto, blend all the ingredients in a food processor, or use a mortar and pestle, adding the olive oil gradually in a steady stream until you have a spoonable consistency.

Drain the risone to a big bowl. Toss it with the pesto and add in the squid and crab meat, squeeze the lemon juice over and seasoning it with salt and pepper before serving.

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