Monday, April 19, 2010

Donnini's Pasta

Tradition-bound Italian pasta

What can evoke a higher level of romanticism than Italian hand-made pasta that follows an age-old conventional recipe and a modus operandi bound by tradition?

Originally, owned by the Donnini’s in 1981, the Lygon pasta shop was bought over six years later by another Italian family, the Omizzolos. The name has since remained the same and so has the passion and philosophy to strive for freshness and authenticity.

When you’re talking gourmet today, you simply cannot go past artisanal bread, unpasteurised cheeses and organic vegetables – these are assumed staple stocks in any ‘real’ foodies’ pantry or fridge. If it is commercialised or wholesale, it has long been dubbed ‘uninteresting’ and ‘mainstream’.

Our tastes may have changed over time along with accessibility, yet Donnini’s Pasta Shop remains far from a relic of the past, but rather a testament to a bygone era proving some traditions die hard. No matter what time of day you step into the shop it’s always bustling with faithful regulars coming in for their daily pasta fix. And it’s not hard to see why the place is so popular. The window displays are crammed with scintillating flat, winding ribbons of saffron and pepper pappardelle, squiggly threads of spinach and tomato linguini as well as an array of unusual delights ranging from cute, little pillows of agnolotti stuffed with the likes of ricotta and beetroot, sweet potato and leek. If you like to keep things simple, worry not. Classic Italian favourites such as beef tortellini and ravioli as well as light gnocchi are also available.

Donnini’s serves up to 21 kinds of freshly-made pasta everyday as well as a range of sauces, available at any of their four retail stores.

Check their website for outlet areas and contact details.

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