Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A la Carte

In order to graduate the Commercial Cookery Certificate III in Hospitality, one must have completed all the modules of the programme and then finally a four week a` la carte programme is mandatory and must be passed along with 240 hours of industry placement.

For a` la carte I was placed at TAFE’s Adelaide City Campus Bistro called Tiros and worked under Chef Brian Barr, since they required students to make up the numbers. I was part of the last team of students that ever worked there since the campus has now shut its doors to Cookery – moving everything to the Regency Campus.

I spent three out of the four weeks on the dessert section rather than one week on each, that is – entree, main, fish and veggies and dessert. The menu was concise and since it was a training cafe – great food could be enjoyed by the public at throw away prices in Adelaide’s CBD. The restaurant solely prepared lunch with service between 12.00 and 1.30 pm.

Chef Brian Barr and Me

The open kitchen at TIROS

Hottest selling menu item: Pork Loin with Peaches and Duchess Potatoes

Menu Special: Chermoula Spiced Prawns on a Mixed Salad

Dessert Special: Mango Cheesecake

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Rasperry Coulis and Mixed Berry Compote

While Tiros was located on the ground floor of the Currie Street TAFE Campus Martinha’s the more formal restaurant serving dinner was located on the third floor, also a training restaurant. During the four week stint, students working at TIROS were offered a complimentary meal which I thoroughly enjoyed. The duck was excellent.

Seared Scallops on a bed on Creamed Corn with Caviar

Duck Breast with an Orange Glaze

Pear Tart

Following my two month vacation (which I enjoyed holidaying in my hometown Bangalore, India I did a three week stint working in the kitchens of Masala Klub, a fine dining Indian restaurant with a contemporary twist – at The Taj Group of Hotel’s West End property) I returned to Adelaide to put in 240 hours of Industry Placement Experience as per requirement of the Certificate. I choose to work those hours at TAFE Regency Campus Training Restaurant to be able to be surrounded by some of the best chefs that double up as excellent lecturers and teachers.

In my time at the Regency Campus Restaurant I worked under Chef Paul Beech, previously Executive Chef at The Hilton, Adelaide. I spent two weeks on entrees and a week each on mains as well as fish and veggies. It was interesting to see how differently things were run at the Regency Campus as compared to a` la carte at the City Campus.

Paul Beech and Myself

Front of House being prepped by our Chef in the kitchen for that evening service
at the Regency Training Restaurant

All chefs at their respective stations just prior to service

Smoked Trout Pate with Caperberries and Oat Crackers

Mushroom Risotto with Chicken and Asparagus

Lamb Pie with Sweet Chutney and Baby Spinach

Tuille Cornells filled with Chocolate Mousse and served with Mixed Berry Compote

Frangipanni with Peaches

Chef Paul Beech is a bread enthusiast and enjoys baking a range of artisanal breads. During my time at Regency I was privileged enough to learn how to make Ciabatta from scratch and this was a wholesome learning experience that made me realise that with cooking, anything is possible.

Ciabatta Dough activated with the Biga that has been left to rise overnight

Hobart mixer that does the heavy lifting, or shoud I say mixing

Ciabatta loaves lined up ready for baking

An industrial bakers oven is essential to ensure bread is hollow and baked to perfection with a golden crust

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