Friday, December 12, 2008

Bringing out the big guns

Being seperated from my boyfriend by one huge ocean and about a 17 hour flight for almost 9 months made Sameer's visit a very special one. And that called for an impressive menu.
Roast Bacon Wrapped Quail with Muscat Sauce for entrees and main course was to be Veal Shin on Mushroom Ragout.

I spent the afternoon picky the choiciest veggies and the best cuts of meat to cook with. My trusty friend and superb cook Cari helped of course!

Red and green peppers with swiss brown mushrooms for the ragout.

Sealing the osso bucco, infusing it with loads of rosemary sprigs.
I substituted a late harvest Verdelho I had picked up from the Olive Grove vineyard for the Port.
Sitting pretty in my palms, a quail ready to be stuffed with muscats and lemon quaters.

Having been stuffed it's time to roll the quails in baking before popping them in the oven.
End result: One happy couple!
I used a large brown siss mushroom to bolster the osso bucco into place alongside the ragout.Sameer dying to dig in once I'm done documenting our dinner! He has a hard life!

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