Friday, December 12, 2008

If it swims...simple, serve it up!

Some of the best oysters I've ever eaten. Coffin Bay oysters best enjoyed naturale!
If your down at Adelaide's seaside town Glenelg, make your way to the Oyster Bar for your own plate at around AU$ 28.
Greedy Goose Burger parlour does "gourmet burgers" with a twist. I opted for the pork belly with gribiche sauce which wasn't too bad. The also have venison burgers and some other out of the ordinary choices. Divya, my college mate from Bangalore visited me from Melbourne Uni for a couple days. Cari outdid herself with her hospitality.

Pan fried polenta triangles served with fennel and breadcrumb stuffed squid and smothered in Cari's home-made tomato, red wine sauce and garnished with punchy rocket. Divine ~ an absolute textural treat with it's incredible mouth feel and bold flavours!

Thick slices of swordfish cooked to perfection, served up on a bed of the most delicious caponata and zesty, lemon infused ozzu, garnished with basilico and lemon wedges.

And Amy won Divya's heart with an apple pie number that lived up to her pastry chef reputation! Three cheers!

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