Friday, December 12, 2008

Lindenderry, Victoria

Having downed possibly the most premium drops of vino South Aussie has to offer, my uncle Mario thought it best for me to experience a little bit of Victoria to broaden my horizons. We made a day trip out to Red Hill in the Mornington Penninsula area to Lindenderry Winery and Five Star Hotel with Cellar Door and fine dining restaurant. The views were marvellous, and the dining hall decked in refined linen and plush apolstry. Impressive to say the least at first glance.
The menu had only a few options. The salmon with a lemongrass infused broth was my choice, and the crsipy skin - oh my favourite bit!

On offer was the braised veal shank that dissapointedly did not come on the bone but sliced on a bed of white cannelli bean cassoulet.

Relsihing my meal and fine Pino Gris.
Ending on a sweet note. Creme brule with coffee creme gelati.
And the chocolate fondant with coconut and caramel gealti, oddly enough to compliment the rich, sweetness delicately.

The vineyards that stretch all along are a picturesque sight to behold. Breathtakingly beautiful!

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