Saturday, April 4, 2009

Waiter Rant

Absolutely loved this book, it had me flicking pages into the wee hours of the morning. The American service industry from a 30 something waiter’s perspective, communicated in simple, raw anecdotal humour reveals yet another shocking account of the dirty world of commercial cooking. What is unique however to the usual chef telling the tale is the front of house voice that provides an interesting commentary linking the chefs to the food that is plated up all pretty and brought out to waiters that oil the wheels of the immaculate experience that restaurant delivers – one that we all enjoy yet are unfamiliar with the enormous effort it takes to makes it all happen.

This book had me thinking for weeks about the power of communication and how forums such as blogs have become such a powerful mode of transmitting ideas and gaining publicity. Waiter Rant started off as a blog motivated by passion but designed merely as a hobby. With successive years, popularity and readership grew, and able to maintain his anonymity Waiter Rant was offered a book deal. This is truly an inspiring story of how hard work and perseverance can take you a long way.

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