Friday, January 23, 2009

The French Quarter

Notable magazines and press tend to leave out food reviews when the food is not worth writing about, rather than fostering bad media, having to either struggle or even lie to make a positive comment or be hurtful and rude if relating the actual experience.
While this has it's many benefits, the unfortunate diner that happens to roll into that particularly lousy joint often bears the brunt of this obvious oversight, not only on his wallet but his palate.
Upon discussion of the French Quarter with a foodie friend of mine, I related how I was utterly disappointed with the place. It had so much promise, a beautiful structure, interesting aesthetics and a definite sense of character. The menu however was another story. I'm not against menus that are concise, as long as they are all consistently brilliant. But to have a single red meat, poultry, fish and vegetable dish to choose from as mains, and with three out of four not meeting the standard is frustrating on the diner that took the time to travel halfway across the city in maddening Bangalore traffic, and a waste of a perfectly good evening that could have been relished elsewhere.

Crepes with Spinach and Prawns & Shrimp Gumbo
I particularly like the ambiance, the way the trees grow in between tables, the quaint French lampposts and the tiled floor.
The steak au poivre with pomme frites.
Expecting a rare steak I was more than disappointed with this overly cooked piece of meat and shocked at the freezer section fries that had been served on my plate instead of hand cut, thick potato chips.
To end I will borrow a quote from a friend:
"One quarter French and three quarters Kannidiga!"

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Anonymous said...

Re: One quarter French, Haha! Interesting, so there is a place serving Loiusiana/Creole food in Bangalore? Thankfully, I had a chance to try the real thing only last year.