Friday, January 23, 2009

Khansama: Royal Indian Cuisine of the Maharaja's

Ghost (Lamb Curry) and Methi Bheja (Fenugreek Seasoned Brain) Curry
Khansamas, while working in the stately palace kitchens, generated rare and flavorsome recipes to satisfy their Kings' gastronomic fancies. Religiously maintaining a record of every exotic ingredient, technique of preservation and even the art of presenting food, the Khansamas kept their recipes, a closely guarded secret.”

The BJN Group's most recent offering Khansama, boasts of a luxurious Royal Indian setting with the life size paintings of Birbal and Akbar and several Mughal emperors depicted in dramatic scenes running along the wall. The tables are adorned with copper plated water chalices and matching plates and cutlery. Several private alcoves full with plush recliners and divans make a great setting for a private luncheon or celebratory affair.
The menu is extensive and very impressive with a varied range of popular Indian dishes as well as several unusual chef creations, notably the pomfret with basil and olives and the Norwegian salmon tikka.

Masala Bheja Fry is a favourite order of mine, and the combination of fenugreek and brain in a moist curry was absolutely delectable.

A basket of butter-garlic naans and romali rotis (handkerchief thin)

Leg of Raan (Lamb) cooked with Indian spices and cooked Dhum style (under a naan trapping all the spices, allowing the meat's flavour to intensify, as well as tenderising the meat, so it is succulent.)

Since Indian meals are enjoyed best when eating with fingers it is customary to receive a finger-bowl of warm water and a slice of lime after the meal to cleanse.
Almond Kulfi with Phirini

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