Friday, January 23, 2009

Sunny's: Epicurean European

An age old favourite, Sunny's need no introduction to locals. It's the everlasting and dependable European restaurant that Bangaloreans flock to. With a successful run lasting more than a decade now, it's current location in Embassy Diamond on Lavelle Road means more space, more covers, heavy turnover and it has become the eternal 'it' place for the city's who's-who to chit-chatting over some classy continental cuisine.
The Almond Crusted Sea Bass with a Lemony Sauce is the perfect delicious treat if you have a light appetite.

Chicken Stragonoff, although just typing that is hard enough for me because in my mind it is so wrong. Stragonoff has to be made with beef and there was a mix-up with our order. However, I forgot to snap a picture of the beef when it came out. Not as creamy and heavy as the straganoff I'm used to, but not bad. Sameer stamped it with his seal of approval.

Carbonnara - Carb overdose, but I cannot resist this dish at Sunny's because it is oh, so fantastic a definite crowd pleaser!

Perhaps the most popular dish at Sunny's is the chicken breast fillets with sun-dried tomatoes, cream sauce and black pepper with rice or pasta. I know this is several friends standard order.

Lamb Chops

A good portion and yields more flesh than the rack of lamb, that I prefer in terms of lightness and doneness, however, since Indian sheep are scrawny this is a better option. The charred outside complements the contrasting moist meat once you cut in. With a side of bok-choy and creamed potatoes, it is an absolute delight.
Another favourite is the Fillet-Mignon with Bearnaise sauce. A classic dish that is perfectly executed here.
While Sunny's is undoubtedly a hit with most of the city, the menu is tired and old, forever imprinted on my brain! High time things were changed around a bit, why not open the doors to improvisation and innovation!
The appetisers leave a lot to be said, while the bar list is extensive and if you like trying new cocktails this is a great place. I especially love their fruit mojitos (strawberry and peach).
Sunny's ensures good quality food, time after time, the service isn't fantastic, but the prices are fair and the ambiance is relaxing, classy but comfortable.

Angel-hair pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms, finished with black pepper and Parmesan along with Sula's Late Harvest Chenin Blanc.
Paris Brest

My insatiable love for Paris Brest began at Sunny's. The classic option is filled with vanilla custard-creme or if you fancy a summery, strawberry twist, try it filled with it Fraise-creme? There is a long list of other options to choose from including Baklava, an interesting an odd feature on the menu, that is actually pretty darn good! The choc-ganache tart gets a thumbs-up, and if you are a chocolate aficionado do not hesitate.

#34, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore
+91 80 41329366

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Gautam said...

Seer Fish Anna, or the chicken version, as you tried it, is my absolute favourite. I'm hard pressed to ever order anything else. As for the Carbonara, I can't stand the version with cream - it's such an American bastardization of the dish. Ideally, the eggs are added, raw, right before serving and the heat of the pasta congeals them to a cream-like consistency.