Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fallen Royalty? What's the Deal with Dumpling and Donut King?

Dumpling King is famed to be Adelaides cheapest restaurant with gigantic plates filled with steamed dumplings and as I familiarly know them momo's as we call them back home in Bangalore. These plump, floury dumplings stuffed with pork mice or chicken if you prefer are steamed first then pan fried. The resulting mince encrusted batter sinks in your stomach. An accomapnying onion relish is served alongside - but I dunno, just not my kind of dish, lets just put it that way! We tried a BBQ Lamb noodles with spring onion that was ok, its hawker street food style, with a sort of played down Chinese feel. Filling food - cheap prices. At $7 a plate I really shouldn't be dissecting!
A trip to Ikea for odd bits and pieces is vital when you move to a new place - and how could I let my mum and sister down - I had to make a pittstop at their cafe to check the quality of the Svenskabulla - Swedish Meatballs with cranberry sauce. Sleep peacefully Mum and Maude, they passed the quality control test, just wish they wern't as stingy with the gravy!

These donuts took the cake - hard, horrible and just a disgrace to the donut family! Do not be fooled by Donut King - they are imposters. Our Bangalore Donut Baker is lighter and far superior to these brick like donuts! Belive it or not - there is no Dunkin Donuts nor Krispy Kremes here in Adelaide! I had to fly to Melbourne to have a little bit of heaven! And I must say my loyalty remains with Mr. Dunkin!!! You rule!

This was a serving of lasgane and a latte that I snacked on at a local cafe one Saturday afternoon.

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