Wednesday, May 28, 2008

From technology to calories, its a crisis!

Saturday night I took my fury out on my pink Dell Inspiron 1525 when I couldn't connect to my wireless broadboand 3 connection to talk to Sameer. I shut down and re-started my computer a couple of times as that usually solves the problem of being unable to connect to the internet, when that didn't work I swore profously at the computer, slammed the screen down complaing how I hated my computer and technology in general - and the fact that Austrlian internet is so unpredicatable and annoying!!!! Having bitched out my computer all night I woke up feeling rather guilty, pressing the power button with much hope, trying to coax it to come on - but nothing but a blank black screen blinking time-clock-has-stopped! What on earth that means I have NO idea. It's been five days since it last worked and I am on my last nerve having waited on Dell's toll free technical support number for over an hour and half yesterday - not to mention theridiculous amounts spent on calling from my cell phone! This morning I finally managed to get someone on the phone at 8 am. So moral of the story - for anyone that ever has this problem aim to be the first caller of the day!!!!

Technical support should be coming my way in the next two days - keeping my fingers crossed. In the mean time my weight has been consuming all my time - I have become so conscious about everything I put into my body, how much, how often, reading labels that Cari my American friend has been teaching me all about the nasty world of marketing strategies. Apparently Uncle Toby's is not my friend - do you have any idea the amount of sugar he stuffs into those innocent 'healthy' looking museli bars!! You would not imagine...

Now my fridge is stocked with 99.9 per cent fat free and sugar free tropical yoghurt, double smoked 98 per cent fat free ham and hummus - so healthy supposedly - all I know so delish with a drizzling of good old olive oil - which is apparently also good for you and ok in small dosages! I have becomae a woman obssessed with trying to squeeze my bottom back into my size 0 mango troussers, but its been two weeks and although I have managed to wriggle my way back into them it doesnt fit like I would like them to!!!!

When and how I got to this stage that weight and looking super slim has got the better of me I don't knwo - I mean obviously I always liked looking good, fashion and food are my two bext freinds, but then so is fitness.... its my three fav F's! Just all of a sudden balancing the three out has become an enormous struggle.

In addition I have been working out twice a day! I wake up at 7.30 and go for a 40 - 50 minute run prior to scarving down a bowl of museli or bran cornflakes with raisins!!! Fruit has become the chosen snack as well as yoghurt, I havent touched a carb in over four weeks, and well chicken mince has replaced the beef, my first love. I thought lets try being 'healthy' and eating 'clean' for well as long as I can, its been two weeks, and I think I'm cracking! Yesterday I ahd dreams of muffins, all kinds, oozing blueberries, macademias and white chocolate... ohhhh! How sinful, and I actually walked into a cafe ready to order one of those little backed devils, when my good sense caught me and picked the greek salad instead. But today, well I've consumed three slices of toasted bread - after 4 weeks and well, let me jsut say - wow! Never remember bread tasting so good! LOL! And well i'm back in the gym for a one hour wlak on the treadmill and suats and lunges etc to burn those thunder thighs... WORK!!!! PLease work!

I think I need to go out and satiate myself with something well simply put - gastronomically delightful, NOt healthy - this afternoon Cari and Amy will be putting together some home made bechamel sauce, making their own lasagna sheets and preparing a fresh and aromatic tomato sauce, so I'm gonna go over to show my support for 'slow' food and well chug a couple of martinis and sit back and watch them go at it. Tomorrow we're going to feast on it at Jackies. And yes,... there will be pictures soon, so look out for them to come shortly...

As for now, I'm either going to head to the gym or gulp down those martinis.. what will it be...?!

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