Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting acquainted with local wildlife

The first weekend Down Under I visited Cleland Wildlife Park about a twenty minute drive from the city. I got to pet and fed the Kangas understand their pysche a little before I made a meal of it! I met an incredibly muscular red Kangaroo and wow - he reminded me a lot of Sameer! Apart from the Kangas I got to see the Koala (couldn't handle them because it was too hot - ironically twelve years ago with my mum and sister on our Aussie tour the same conditions occured and we missed out on getting that ultimate cutise photo op with the cuddly bears!) The wallabies, emu, taz devils amongst a zillion species of bird were also there for me to get a glimpse of.

I had my first encounter with a Wiess bar - yummy stuff! Vanilla and mango ice cream bars with macademia nuts... oh boy! So good! The blueberry muffins were also rather tempting and I gave in... Anyways, we get back into the car and drive towards Hahndorf - what I was told was an early German quatier. What I discovered upon arrival was that it was rather touristy - but being a tourist and my first weekend I'm allowed to indulge! We proceeded straight to lunch sampling some ginger beer and tucking right into some typically Germanic fare in extra large portions! There were several excellent kinds of wurst, pork knuckles pretzels, saurkraut and a heavy bacon loin!

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