Friday, May 9, 2008

Cafe Kowloon

Winding down my first Adelaidian day would not be complete without a meal at the famous eating street - Gouger. And with the company of my newfound Chinese friends it would be ridiculous if I didn’t take the opportunity to treat myself to an ‘authentically’ ordered Chinese meal – that was given in Chinese of course! We dinned at Cafe Kowloon that is reputed to serve some pretty good Chinese fare at extremely modest prices.

A large steaming rice pot came out promptly and then the hot accompanying dishes were quick to follow. Sliced braised duck fillets, fluffly omellete with beautifully pink, poached prawns folded in (a really unique treat I have never come across before) and excellent stir fry greens (and this is exactly what it was listed as on the menu - go figure!). A taste of some complementary sago soup (not a hot fav) and dinner was done.

Overall a satisfyingly tasty meal, subtle flavours and great value for money. With a belly full of good food and my spirits high with the days sights, sounds, experiences and encounters, I retired to my bed that night happy at the prospect of adopting Adelaide temporarily.

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