Monday, May 5, 2008

Laying the table

This is the begining of what I hope to be an online journal of my travels far and wide. At this point of my life I find my incredible passion for food has brought me to Adelaide, Australia. The food trail is winding, and has afforded me with the opportunity to delve into the valleys, beaches as well as the markets, bustling restaurants, laid back cafes and bistros. I am immersed in a gourmet dream world, studying my Masters in Gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu, enjoying long dinners cooked by friends and samplying the local produce that the city has on offer!

It has been two months now and Adelaide has comfortably and quietly become home. Bangalore continues to effervescently pump through my veins, old friends, family and food are far from forgotten, but I have carved a niche for myself here and am absolutely happy. It is at this point having settled in and having experienced a whirlwind of activity since my arrival on 27 February that I shall attempt to recollect and put together a flashback of some of the most joyful and exciting moments of my time here down under. So here goes...

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