Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back to the kitchen

A trip to Central Market was in order. With a one week break before Gastronomic Tourism - my next module commencing and no travel plans, it was time to get the wok out! I have never cooked Salmon before and figured what better way to learn than by experimenting. So, thats exactly what I did - unfortunately it was not as easy as I imagined. The fish can be hard to handle as it tends to flake easily. It needs to be filleted thin enough to cook through instead of just searing on the outside like mine did. I had to really get innovative with this dish. The stir fry bit came out well though and on the whole was tasty... The hokkien noodles were delicious something I will use again for sure.

Next up, I decided to try cooking up some mussels, and this is easy! No worries here! And I just love the taste of this particularly shellfish. I bought about 500g and divided into two, cooked one batch in marinara sauce with Italian herbs and served with a creamy, style pasta.

The second was an Asian style Sweet Chilli with Coconut Milk Mussel Curry with braised veggies... and voila:

Here it is all plated up with some boiled white rice that went perfectly, absorbing all off that lovely rich creamy, gravy.
Using beef strips that are suitable for a stir fry I decided to go down the curry path again. This afternoon was really chilly and there was nothing more than a warm broth of noodles and meat that would cheer me. Into the wok went some red curry paste, onions, garlic and ginger; minced, lemon grass, torn kafir lime leaves, fish sauce.

Having seared off the beef in the Thai curry paste I added some chicken stock and coconut milk and let it bubble. Then eggplant cubed and diced, mushrooms and brocolli. Served over some Egg White Noodles I slurped away all afternoon...

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