Sunday, June 22, 2008

Will Write For Food

Dianne Jacob's guide to the food writer to be is realistic to put it mildly. While the exercises are handy and train you to write with a goal of being published and focusing your energies rather than using the writing as an outlet for self expression Jacob's left me down in the dumps. For a while I contemplated whether this was what I really wanted - to be a food writer and critic! And well, its more than clear, since the age of twelve I have had my sights set on becoming an acclaimed international food writer, hoping one day to have a column in the New York Times! Hmmmpph, Jacob's advice in a nutshell: Don't quit your day job or find a rich husband! Darn, too late for the first one and well the second ... interesting!

Almost French by Aussie journalist turned novelist Sarah Turnbull made for great, easy reading especially since the book deals with Turnbull's move to France and coping with cultural differences. Since she writes with her native, Aussie viewpoint it tied up a lot of loose ends for me in terms of trying to understand quirky Aussie ways of life!!!
Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential was rather slow to unfold but after the first two chapters I was sucked in and loving it! Wow - what a read! Something that anyone interested in knowing how the entire crazy world of cuisine functions, the dirty tricks of the trade - Bourdain's lets it ripe - all secrets are let loose! I loved this book and feel even more inspired and enthralled by the entire restaurant business and eating to be happy! Cheers, Bourdain - your a genius!

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