Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mesa Lunga and Sex in the City

June 5 meant two things - wrapping up our Food and Drink in Contemporary Western Society and of course the release of Sex and the City, the Movie!!! Yippeee - Cari, Amy and I had our tickets booked and were in the mood for a night of high rollin', hitting the movies in style to catch up where Cari, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda left off six years ago!!! Heading in with some bubbly (the cosmo's were being served in plastic glasses and ready in jars - I just could not do it! Sorry!)

Cari elegantly chugging bubbly out of a plastic glass .. We had to conform to the rules and swap glass for plastic before enetering the movie theatre!

We wait in anticipation for the movie to begin - it started about 45 minuted late because of some technical issues - typically Aussie!

The movie was fabulous - I loved it and we were all famished with the delay and all - it was finally time for some tapas! We walked across the city, ( very long walk I must add in 3 inch stilleto's Sex in the City style!) to 140 Gouger Street and popped into Mesa Lunga to enjoy a Girls Night on the town.

Cheers - Amy with her ginger beer infused cocktail, Cari with a Dirty Martini that the waiter had never heard of (that should give you an idea of his expertise with the bar and service!) and I decided in keeping with the Spanish theme to try the Rosada Sangria with blushing fruity tones of peach - not bad at all! We ordered several tapas to sample and well chomp on - coz we were bloody hungry. We started with the Chorizo picante (spicy Spanish sausage with olives and almonds).

This was my fav - the Gambas al ajillo (prawns in sizzling oil with chilli and garlic), the sauce at the bottom of the pan was wonderful - just wished there was more bread to scoop it up!

Croquetas - I was not entirely exicted about these when we ordered them - but they were fantastic little deep, fried bombs of bechamel sauce, and when you bit into the crisp outer shell the creamy, white sauce oozed and melted in your mouth - heaven!

We moved onto some Sepltre Barossa Valley Red Sparkling Shiraz that was suprisingly full bodied - really good wine I thought and relished our chirizo and anchovi pizza.

We eneded up drinking two bottles of red between us and then heading to Cari's for some Shemay Belgian Beer - there's a first time for everything!

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