Friday, June 27, 2008

Rundell Mall Food Finds...

Waking up late in the afternoon and wandering outside on a chilly day there was nothing more enticing than a big cup, no correction, mug of coffee and a comforting, filly, wholesome meal. Well, as I hit David Jones I caved in at the sight of a beautiful looking Cornish Pasty - not knowing what I was getting myself into!

This perfectly good looking pasty was and is a terrible mistake! Anticipating biting into the thick, buttery pastry to let out a little bit of steam and savour beef mince and veggies with a light seasoning... I was all ready and well after two mouthfulls and no traces of any meat - I was well, disturbed! I set it down and well prodded, poked and well... take a look for yourself - NO MEAT - NO FUN! Meagan is NOT happy when you give her a vegetarian meal - and def not if she is paying for it!!! I took it back and complained - and apparantely they make Adelaides best pasties! Yeah, right!
But the day picked up - as I discovered this doughnut haven!!! Yipee - finally some decent doughnuts Down Under!
These doughnuts aren't as light as Krispy Kremes, but hold their own! And they have a nice selection, need to go back and well do more sampling to give a more informed, indepth opinion though! And boy was this a deal if ever - a cuppa and two glazed doughnuts for $4.00! Now we're talking!

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Cari said...

OH NO!!!! I should have warned you about the Cornish pasty - NO MEAT!!!