Friday, August 29, 2008

Curry Night @ The Exeter

Come August 19 and it was back to Uni Adelaide and the unfolding of a new course: Gastronomy and Communication. This module is the most hands on in terms of dealing with food and translating the experience into appreciation on paper. Embarking on a journey studying food in art, music, film, theatre and literature we have also been given a couple of food reviews to work on. Inspired by the assignment we picked a handful of restaurants to hit up. First up the Exeter Pub and Hotel on Rundell Street, featuring curry night at approximately $15 p/h for a curry, rice and papad.
Since there were four of us girls out to dinner and five curries on the menu we opted to give the Thai Red Beef Curry a miss and decided to get the other four a share.
Jacks made photocopies of a food critiquing manual for us - which was mighty sweet!
The terrace of the Exeter is weather proofed and the view from the top is rather charming.

We opted for a bottle of Brock's Reef from the Limestone Coast, SA - duh, where else?! It was a pretty damn good bottle of Cab Merlot.

Lime pickle, Mango chutney, Raita, freshly sliced green and red chillies and some supermarket reheated Paratha.

The Seafood Tom Khaa Khai was my favourite - rich coconut gravy with mussels and prawns, the corriander prominently punctuating the creamy curry.

Thumbs down for the Goan Lamb Vindaloo in terms of it being labelled Vindaloo. Was lacking the punch and acidity that a Vindaloo offers. However as a generic curry it was tasty, but overly spicy since the masala seemed raw, hitting hard in the back of the throat.

The Mumbai Chicken Masala with cashwenuts, corriander, red chili, ginger and cinnamon was a beautiful infusion of bold flavours.
And here the tiffin of rice and the deep fried poppadoms await us to dig in.
And last but not least the Mangalore Mixed Vegetable Curry with tomato, fenugreek, paneer and cream. Lucky Cari got the one and only piece of paneer - that was a scam huh!?!
On the whole a great meal - especially since the company can't get better than this!

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