Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 11: Red Silks and Goodbyes

Before hopping on my evening JetStar flight back to Adelaide I caught up with my cousins for a quick lunch at Red Silks on Bourke Street. The choice was really spontaneous as the orignal plan was to visit a South American place that was unfortunately closed that day. Red Silks however proved to be a pretty decent choice. With my cousins skipping out on their lunch break there was no time to do wine, entrees and mains so we just dig into a table full of food.

The place is bustling with Asians and is popular with people that work in Meblourne's CBD as well as Uni students. When you enter you feel your making your way into a nightbub! Once your in the service is quick and prices unbeatable.

The Char Kway Teow was not authentically up to the mark or as I envisioned it but provided to be popular with my cousins that had never heard/ tried the dish. It was tasty, just not true to the name.
A simple dish of scallops seared with garlic, sping onions, carrots and brocolli. Passable, but nothing special.
Terriyaki chicken is SO overdone and tired as a menu option to me - but to the masses is remaind incredibly popular. The dish was served along with white steamed rice with a fried egg ontop and a sweet, chilli sauce that pulled the dish together. A nice option for a quick lunch in between work.
The pepper-salt deep fried soft shell crab was delicious. Crispy and delicately seasoned served with omlette stripes and corriander.

Last but not least was the whole quail in glazed sweet honey sauce finished off with seasame. I cannot for the life remember what the description of the dish mentioned on the menu, however the actual preperation was not in consistent, although tasty anyhow.

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