Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome to the Good Life... Organic Pizza

In search for some quality pizza Boston girl Cari led us here to the Good Life - Modern Organic Pizza. With funky crazy options that show case local ingredients like the "slow roasted parsnips finished with wild rocket and macadamia and lemon myrtle" to more familiar ones like the hot salami pizza with kalamata olives, red onion basil and baby boconcini was super duper! They have a free-range roasted duck and shitake mushrooms and spring onion ginger jam... how delish does that sound?!! I am going back just to try that one out! They do the pizzas in two sizes regular which is perfect if you want one for yourself and the larger size to share. Most of the regular sizes are priced at $15 while the larger ones are at $25 - 30. Duck and prawns are obviously pricier options.

We enjoyed a bottle of Aussie Rose with our dinner which was crisp - and honestly at this point after two bottles of wine and two glasses of bubbly - my palate was far from zoning into wine varietals!!! Just being honest! The hot salami was bursting with flavour, the red onions gave it a real kick and the thickness and doneness of the crust was perfect! With the side of lettuce, red onions, kalamata olives and cucumber salad it was awesome!

The Swiss brown mushroom pizza marinated in garlic and thyme finished with balsamic vinegar and organic lemon aioli was was soooooooo good, especially since we asked them to throw on some bacon!!! Bacon makes everything better, right Homer? After all mushrooms are like the 'other' meat so this combo was worked fabulously!

One happy girl - wine and cheesy pizza - what more can you want from life. This place truly offers a slice of the good life!
The restaurant has a super cute courtyard out the back end of the restaurant with more seating - if you call ahead to book, which is a good idea as it tends to get pretty packed it makes for a really comfy, rustic ambiance.

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