Thursday, August 7, 2008

High Tea minus the SWISH service!

Tuesday 3.00 p.m and the Girls from Gastronomy 2008 were all decked out and ready to indulge in High Tea at Swish at the Stamford Plaza on 150 North Terrace bang on King William Street. Celebrating the end of Gastronomic Tourism, Cari's Engagement and Jackie's return from England it was the perfect get together!

$20 per head got us a three tiered sweet and savoury selection of tea time snacks. While it was all pretty tasty and included a glass of bubbly as well as coffee and teas, the wait staff seemed to forgot that there was anyone in the restaurant! (We were the only table and the service was pathetic!!!!) Miniature apple crumble and almond tart, pistachio mousse diamonds and a trifle like orange cake and cream souffle.
There were scones of course that were good, but nothing to write home about, as well as tiny sandwiched waffles with cream and strawberries.

The sandwiches with ham and cucumber were a nice reminder of home. Mini quiches with bacon and leek and sliced brioche with ham were not bad either.

The best part though was the wonderful company! This course has been a wonderful opportunity to meet such passionate foodies that each have their own unique, valuable skills that they bring to the table, making my journey absorbing as much as I can about the culinary arts and gastronomy even more fascinating! Thank your girls!

Jackie shows off her brand new i-phone! Her poor hubby Bob is still waiting for his! Hope you get it soon !!

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