Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cocktails and Dim Sums @ Shiros Resto-Bar

Bangalore's latest luxe-pad, Shiro's is home to the city's swish set. Located in the swanky new sprawling mall, UB City on Vittal Mallya Road it is spread over the top floor. A large inside dinning area with a very contemporary lounge-bar feel invites you in. My personal opinion is that the music is far too loud and the lighting far too dim inside the restaurant preventing you from truly enjoying a meal. But such is the case often when food and entertainment clash at night clubs/ resto-bars, food often suffering a low blow, being compromised to keep the ambiance in sync with a particular aesthetic. In the case of Shiro an overtly uber- cool, contemporary lounge feel is the constant theme. Gigantic Budha sculptures in varying positions and poses are placed within the restaurant, spilling out into the the resto-bar as it extends itself to a considerably large open air roof deck with wooden overhead beams sheltering the bar completing the Zen-like feel to the place. On the far end a Tepanyaki bar with limited seating is available upon reservation.

On my three month spat in Bangalore I visited Shiro's at least thrice, each time hoping to try the Fig Mojito. Unavailable was what I got the first two times, turning to a frozen daiquiri to quench my thirst and an apple-cinnamon vodka cocktail instead. On my third visit I got lucky, and the Fig Mojito was truly worth the wait. I also sampled the Tahitian Breeze, a pretty orange drink in a long cocktail glass. The cocktail list is enticing and overall their concoctions are some of the best Bangalore has seen for a long time, perhaps even worthy of a parallel to the Olive Beach bar.
Sharmishta says cheers with her Tahitian Breeze and Samira on the right sips her Fig Mojito.

Sashimi Platter: Tuna Belly, Prawn, Salmon, Snapper

Korean Barbecued Beef or Bulgogi

Dumplings filled with Spinach and Waterchestnut

Barbecue Pork Bao and Sweet Chicken Bao

We had no trouble getting through several steamers. We also sampled some Chicken sui mai and Prawn and Asparagus Dumplings.

And a round of kamakazi's to finish off the night!
UB City Mall, Vittal Mallya Road,
Bangalore - 560001
Tel: 41738864

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