Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lunch at Lei Gardens, Chijmes

Pure ecstacy: Slivers of aromatic, crisp Peking Duck with delicate lace like pancakes, served with hoisin (plum) sauce and shallots.
The duck meat braised lighlty in soy sauce and garlic served with a an orange-marmalde like sauce.

Lei Gardens at Chijmes provides a relaxed yet sophisticated setting. The subtle Chinese decor and detail is completed with the inclusion of the revolving lazy-susan. The pleasant ambience however is quickly interupted by the horrible service, to say the least. We had to wait about 20 mins for drinks to be brought over, and unfortunately the waitress decided to bring out the food according to her whims and fancies instead of observing instructions as to special instructions prior to serving.

We ordered the drunken prawns that were first brought out to us in a glass pyrex dish with the cover on to show us how they were jumping about as the were being rapidly intoxicated with alcohol, following which they were quickly whisked away to a stove top in the corner and tossed alive into hot flames... now thats called supper theatre!

Look at these happy troopers: Drunken Prawns

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