Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Touchdown Adelaide, first stop Harrow Road

After a three month sabbatical it was time to return to South Australia and resume working on my dissertation. Jackie and her family were their usual hospitable selves inviting me to join them for dinner on Sunday night.

The snappy chef: Jackie in her summer gear and hard at work!
Gorgeous Green Garden Salad with Chinese Red Cabbage and a rustic Italian inspired platter of Sliced Grape Tomatoes, Vine Ripened Sliced Tomatoes, Roasted Artichokes,Torn Basil and Shredded Balls of Bococcini.

Can you think of a more appropriate Aussie welcome? Beef steaks says it best I reckon!

Golden-Brown to perfection, Roasted Potatoes

Decadent beyond belief: Nigella Lawson's Simple Sponge cake soaked in Ginger Wine, topped with Rich Cream liberally drizzled with Passion fruit and Raspberries.

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